Samut Prakan is a bustling fishing town only a half hour drive south of Bangkok. Because of its closeness to the capital, it continues to retain part of the busy metropolis. The town is situated at the estuary to the Chao Phraya River which then continues its flow into the Gulf of Thailand.

There are several reasons to venture out this district. This place offers a route to some quite interesting sites in the near vicinity. It is also a safe alternative to the relative chaos and confusion that some tourists often feel when touring the capital.

The province in which the town is located is basically divided into two distinct regions. On the western side of the river you will find mostly rice fields, prawn fields and a few mangrove forests. To the East of the river, you'll find the urban center complete with its dull industrial factories.

Chedi Thutangka it is "a dome shaped monument used to house Buddhist relics and to commemorate significant facts of Buddhism"- this one is said to hold relics of the Buddha.  Inside the temple you can find Buddhist monk images that are very famous in Thailand due to their exemplar live style.

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