Yesterday at night I went to China town to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  By 5 pm I went to pick up my wife from her office.  While waiting for her, I drunk a good beer (small bottle Baht 70 -almost USD 2.2 ) There were a lot of tourist strolling along the busy street, specially backpackers.   By 6 pm we went to the King River to take a ferry to Chine town.  All ferries were really full, we had to miss one because was overfull!!  We waited another  ferry for at least one hour. Once at the Chine Town, we decided to walk along this interesting distric.  All avenues were not only overcrowded but also noisy!  we walked along 2 squeares in almost two hours... It was unbelievable, there wasn't any  little place or hole free of people!!!!

Due to the darkness and lack of  light, it was really tough taking pictures, I had to set up my camera in a very high ISO (3200 - 6400) to be able to take pictures.  I don't have any extra flash yet.  On the fallowing shots you can notice a lot of "noisy". However, I am happy with the results.  I think, the Nikon D90 has a good performance using high ISO.Once again; Happy Chinese New Year!!!! lol