Koh Kret is located in Pak Kret district, Nonthaburi province, 20 km northwest of Bangkok.  It is a small islet beside the Chao Phraya River. To get the islet you can ride a boat from Bangkok or just across The Chao Phraya River from Pak Kret district. We took a bus from Thomburi, Bangkok to Nonthaburi Tower Pier. The fare was Baht 8 (USD O.30) per person and the trip took a little more than one hour. From Nonthaburi Tower Pier we hired a little boat to the Islet. It costed Baht 400 (almost USD 12) and it took around 15 minutes. I have heard that if you buy this tour on a travel agency the cost is not less than Baht 300 per person.Well, Koh Kret actually it is mostly the communities of Thailand’s Mon people, immigrated from their homeland in Burma (Myanmar), have been living there for few centuries now, still preserving their lifestyle as good as before. When you get in Ko Kret, you can make a leisure walk along the elevated walkway which rings the islet, wander through the villages to see lifestyle of locals, many locals set there home as a shop present their culture, local product, little nice restaurants with local Mon food, food stall, souvenir shops.... etc.
There're many ceramic houses, Mon-style pottery, handicraft houses, and a village in one canal where they demonstrate how to make thai sweet desert etc. It is a great place to get away for a day from busy Bangkok, spend a day exploring by foot or even ride a bike around. Another major attraction of Ko Kret is its ancient temples of the Ayutthaya period.