Owing to I expect to take The TOEFL test next month, I went to AUA Language Center to take a English Test yesterday afternoon.  After two years of English study my test score was not good enough, hence I am going to enroll in TOEIC Course. Well, I am a little disappointed in myself.  English is a beautiful language for me but a little hard to learn it. I must keep on trying it.Well, to get this place I took the BTS train at "Wong when yiay" station and got off after 5 train stations at "Ratchadamry" Station. The fare was  BH 30 (USD 1).  It is well know that most of the large avenues are really noisy and crowded here in Bangkok, this station is quite noisy too.  Nevertheless, close to this station lies a beautiful and peaceful golf field, people can get relax by watching it from the sky train station.I got AUA on time, so I had plenty of time to stroll along this university.  I went up to the third floor where it is supposed is the classroom.  From this floor I realized that this place is surrounded by very high buildings.  Wherever I saw the sky, I only saw the top of these tall buildings. I felt myself in a cement jungle, since the weather here in Bangkok is really hot 31°C during the day and it is supposed we are in winter season!!!While waiting the test, I have nothing to do so I got really bored. Then I opened my bag and took my camera out. While taking photos these buildings I realized the beauty of something; light-green leaves and branches of trees moving in the dark blue sky.  It was like a synchronized dance under the rhythm of the wind.  Yes I know, it is a trivial thing, but it is also true that since the beginning those simple things inspired human being to do wonderful and breathtaking things.
P.S, Yesterday afternoon (6th Jan) I went to AUA Language center, after talking to Academic adviser they allow me to enroll in TOEFL Skill Course.  So now I can say that I am proud of myself lol.