After my trip to Berlin I came back to Bonn. On an afternoon in Autumn I went out to walk along the Rhein River.  After some kilometer river walking I decided to drop by a nice coffee shop for a cup of coffee. While I was sitting there, I overheard a couple´s conversation.  The guy staring at his girlfriend's eyes caressed her hand and whispered "Du bist ein Goldstück" in her ear.

I looked at my cup of coffee and noticed it had been already empty. I was quiet for a while looking the Rhein river through the windows and then whispered to myself; "what such a beautiful word to finish a relatioship".
Yes, they had broken their relationship, I could read it in their eyes.  

Today while trying to write about my trip to Berlin and Weimer I could say that I came into not only the Germany´s heart but also the  history of the two World Wars.  I also came into the heart of the democracy, liberty, and modernity.  Needless to say I had visited the hometown of my favorites philosophers, and besides, the hometown of my best friend.  This experience was really "ein Goldstück".  
I also say this, thinking about my relationship with German friends. The first day that I learnt this word was when a couple was brokening their relationship.  Now I am using the same word not only to describe a good relationship among friends, but also to mean how profitable was and this is for my whole life.

After my experienced living some months in Germany, I roundly can say that German culture and its language is special for me... Germans are not only my friends, they are friends!